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We work with you no matter where you are in the sculpture process - whether you’re starting from a photograph, drawing or simply an idea. True Form employs various artists with many areas of expertise to execute any project idea. Whether using traditional sculpting & carving techniques or 3D printing & virtual sculpting, we have the tools to bring any concept from start to finish. 

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This is a step that often goes overlooked, but creating a beautiful mold can mean the difference between a one-off & the ability to make editions. A mold captures a piece in all it’s forms & textures allowing it to be recreated in materials over time. It is an archive that stores unique & valuable information. True Form takes pride in this often neglected part of the process. We make molds of quality that compliment & respect every artwork’s unique intricacies.

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Metal Casting2.jpg

Using the lost wax method, True Form focuses on the casting of high quality Silicon Bronze. This is the premium alloy for the casting of sculpture composed of 95% Copper, 4% Silicon, and 1% trace metals. While bronze casting is the primary service provided, aluminum is also an option if it suits your needs.

Where Dreams Begin, 2014
Child - Marshal.png

Once metal is cast, the work has just begun. Cutting, sand blasting, welding, grinding, chasing, finishing, patina and seal - each step crucial and requiring a sensitive touch with years of experience. Choices are made throughout the process that will affect the way your sculpture looks and feels. True Form has experienced eyes, hands, and sensibilities that you can trust to realize your vision. We are accustomed to working with artists of all types - so whether you want to be engaged or hands-off throughout - we are here to provide the service that’s right for you.

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